Traveling all over Europe, Asia and Africa, this is our only platform to share the stories of all our adventures. Every word in this blog is chosen based on our personal travel experiences. Be it budget travel, adventure or leisure travel plans, we have done it all. This is our way to give it back to the travelers in order to help shape their dreams and help them plan the perfect travel itineraries.


A Consultant by Profession and a Traveler by Passion- this is what I can think of myself. In the past few years, I have been successful in constantly finding time out of my daily work routine to travel around the world. My aim is to encourage as many people as possible to travel around the world, especially professionals like me who spend a major part of their regular schedule within the corporate walls.

If I can do it, so can you, and everyone else like me and You!

It is just about how you manage your time and schedule, how flexible you are and how efficiently you plan your travel by managing your work schedule. This is exactly what I try to help you out with by presenting my time-saver travel tips, best itineraries and my tried-and-tested fastest travel tricks and options. In my blogs, I also stress upon the importance of building an effective support system around ones own self to be successful as a traveler in spite of all your daily-life challenges.

I also love Travel Photography and in this website, you will find a selection of the best travel pictures that I have taken throughout my travels around the world. In my blogs, I also inform my readers about some of the best photography locations that I have visited throughout my journeys.

I enjoy sharing my travel experiences and pictures with other people and keep on helping and encouraging them to travel far and wide. I must say that through my travel tips I have been successful in encouraging my readers, colleagues, friends and even some unknown people to take a break and travel far and wide. My passion and enthusiasm, combined with my travelogues and the encouragement from my readers, have transformed me into a travel writer albeit my corporate life.

I am a big promoter of Responsible Traveling and sincerely believe that nothing in the world can open your mind and widen your horizon like traveling and meeting new people around the world.


  • Personally tested travel tips and advice to help you see and cover more for less time and of course, money.
  • Traveler advice from different parts of the world to help you travel like a local and avoid hidden tourist traps.
  • Off-beat travel location advice and itineraries.
  • Be it budget travel, leisure or adventure: all our tried and tested places and itineraries.
  • A separate Travel Tip section to cater to your personal travel needs.
  • Travel tips and tricks from a travel community all around the globe- be it for your European Vacation Ideas, US Road Trip ideas, an Asian Culture Trip or an African Safari

There are no paid trips or sponsored contents in this website. All the places, travel tips, destination, places to eat, hotels to stay are recommended based on our personal experience of being there and doing that. If there are any hotels, restaurants or any companies being featured in our site, they would only be there because they are useful for you and tested by us!