Applying for a Moroccan Visa in Germany

We are just back from Morocco and could not wait more to write about our experiences. It is a beautiful country, with awesome people and great places. My travel blog on our 7 Day Magical Morocco travel is coming up in the next few days.

While most of the European Union countries do not require a visa to travel to Morocco, citizens of certain countries do need to apply for a visa in advance. This is also applicable for Indian citizens living in European countries (possessing EU resident permit does not exempt you). You can check if you need a visa here.

I decided to write this blog since during my visa process, I did not come across a single platform where all the steps are summarized. There are scattered information present in many places, and some of them are not even updated.

We did our visa process from Frankfurt, which was responsible for people living in Munich. Please check with the respective Moroccan Consulate where you should apply, as you would want to avoid your application landing up to a different one, resulting in undefined prolongation. Check the embassies here.

Below are the steps you would need to follow in sequence:

  • Download the Visa Application form, fill it in Uppercase Letters. I have provided the link to the document below.
  • Arrange the following documents:
    • Your Identity Proofs like Passport, Residence Permits (all photocopies)
    • Your income proof (e.g., salary certificate, employment letter)
    • Last 3 months’ bank account statement
    • 3 bio-metric photos (in some websites they ask for 2, yet to be sure, I sent in 3 as it was confusing)
    • Return flight tickets
    • Hotel Booking Confirmation (you may not send it initially, but you will need to produce it during the stamping at the consulate.
  • Send all the documents in a sealed envelope to your respective consulate. Refer the link given above. Ensure that you send out a registered post so that you can track it. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY ORIGINAL IDENTITY PROOFS PER POST.
  • One week after you have sent the documents, try to call the Moroccan Consulate and ask them about the progress. In case everything is in place, you will get an appointment to be present there in person.
  • Travel to the consulate with your original documents, show it to the officer in the visa section. They usually need an hour to get it printed in your passport.
  • Pay 20 Euros (or 30 Euros for multi-entry tourist visa) at the cash counter, get it stamped and voila! You are done. Make sure you have enough cash with you to pay at the counter as cards are not accepted.

To avoid unwanted delay, it is highly suggested that you apply for the visa at-least 6-8 weeks in advance.

Also important, but not mandatory, is to have a check-up with the doctors regarding any vaccinations that you might need before travelling there. Do it at-least 2 weeks before your journey date. Better be safe than sorry!

Do let me know if it helped you and in case it does, do show some love and affection for what I present by Liking and Following my travelogue. In case you have any updates for me in this topic, or would like to give me a feedback, shoot out your comments in the comment section.

For your reference, I have attached the Morocco Visa Application Form below. You would need the MS Word application to open it.



11 thoughts on “Applying for a Moroccan Visa in Germany

  1. Visiting the embassy for a Moroccan visa in Frankfurt from Munich costs an entire day and is a real bummer!!


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