The Budapest Ruin Pubs: ‘For Sale’ Pub this time

“Everything is For Sale here. Except the memories you make!”

The Ruin Pubs in Budapest became quite a rage from the early 2000’s when groups of young people, in need of cheap drinks, found out a way to rent out abandoned places and garages and transform them into bars and pubs. On a first glance, these places may look quite different than those posh pubs, however, they changed the fortunes of their owners and is now quite a rage among people of all age, starting from that wandering tourist to the ever-accustomed local.

The unique interior decoration of the For Sale Pub

During our second road trip across Europe, while were in Budapest, we happened to visit one of these Ruin Pubs, which was different in its own ways. It was decorated with all sorts of memoirs by visitors, in papers, visiting cards, pictures, and what-not.

Reflecting over the day went by over a glass of wine in such an ambiance is not bad at all!

Just across the lane from the posh Grand Central Market in Budapest, lies the otherwise-inconspicuous, yet quite a unique Ruin Pub- the For Sale Pub. As I had mentioned before, it is quite famous for its decoration with papers, of course, apart from the drinks and food it serves. On entering, you are greeted by the friendly staffs at the bar, very happy to have a chit-chat with you over a glass of beer or wine. Not to forget, the live music adds a different flavor to the experience altogether.

A previous Indian Visitor to this place was surely mischievous!

The floors are decorated (or dumped, as one may call it) with hays, and the staffs do not mind if the guests use the floor to dump the shells of peanuts on offer with the drinks there. While we had a small table for us, we could not help but stare at the writings on the papers surrounding us. This was a remarkable experience for us and at the end of the day, we were highly satisfied on being able to leave our marks in one of those thousands of wall papers there.


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