The Best Place to Stay in Vienna

It was during our second road trip across Europe, covering Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, that we came across one of the best vacation rentals that we have ever stayed. We were a big group this time, consisting of 6 people, and hence we needed a close-knit apartment, which would strike a perfect balance between comfort, facilities and price.

A friend of mine had recommended me to Elias and his company HB&H Immobilien, and spoke highly about them. It so happened that when I called them, there was only this Penthouse free, located in Pilgramgasse. We booked it at the first chance after looking at the pictures and the location.

Everything worked out awesome, starting from receiving the automatic door lock codes via message shortly before arrival, to detailed instructions regarding our stay and the amenities provided.

We spent the entire morning enjoying this awesome views over breakfast

It was a huge duplex penthouse, located on the top floor of a traditional Austrian building, with a glass rooftop, with 3 bed rooms, and a sofa on the common place, which can fit in one or two people. The amazing thing was the view of the city skyline from the apartment. You almost felt like staying there forever.

To add to the beauty and the ambiance, there was a Piano in the apartment, providing a possibility to enjoy an evening coffee on the couch, while your loved one goes on playing some melancholic tunes in it.

The awesome common area

We were greeted personally by Elias on the next morning, and he had all his recommendations ready for us, which made our stay in the city even more memorable. It so happened that we could walk to almost all the must-see attractions within the city and needed to avail the public transport only on certain occasions.

The locality and surroundings were superb and we enjoyed out walks
On chatting further with Elias, I came to know that their company has almost 20 apartments in Vienna for rent. In case you want to follow my recommendation and prefer to stay there, you can contact them directly:
Or just give them a call at +436644687570.
This might also be cheaper for you, instead of booking from online portals.
We would have loved to continue our stay for as long as possible, but as destiny would have it, we had further places to cover during this road trip and had to leave this awesome place. My separate blog about the road trip across 4 countries in 5 days should be up in the coming days.

We can happily recommend a stay here to all my readers visiting this awesome city. And, if you happen to be there, please do not hesitate to comment and let me know about your experiences and if my recommendation helped you.

Below I present a collage of images from some of their other awesome apartments. Although I have not stayed in all of them, I believe that they would be equally good, and hence would not like my readers to miss out on an opportunity to stay there.

Pictures of their other apartments

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I do not gain anything monetarily from it. This is an honest recommendation from one traveler to the others and should not be considered as an official endorsement. Any booking to be done has to be dealt directly with the providing company, and responsibilities and liabilities should be agreed and understood  between the involved parties.


7 thoughts on “The Best Place to Stay in Vienna

    1. The apartment was really incredible, so much so, that I almost took it as my responsibility to inform other travelers of it. My best stay till date. And this is perhaps the only reason why hotels are my last option. These apartments are cheaper, nicer and you get so many local tips.
      There’s always a next time for you though! 🙂

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